Atlanta West Pentecostal Church began its ministry in 1961 as Northwest Pentecostal Church. The first congregation gathered in the basement of Myrl and Louise Harper’s home. The people at that first meeting had no idea that their early commitment would lead to the thriving congregation that exists today. This early church sacrificed, prayed, and grew until a larger location was needed to house the new believers. 

Through sacrificial giving, a building was purchased on Chestnut Street in Atlanta, and revival continued. The new pastor, Billy Harper, preached the first sermon in the new building. His message, entitled “Lord, It’s All I’ve Got, but It’s Yours,” could not have been more prophetic. As those pioneer saints poured out of themselves, God’s Spirit was poured out on them. The generous spirit of our founders symbolizes what it means to be a part of the Atlanta West family. 

The church soon realized the need for larger facilities and purchased property on Cooper Lake Road in Smyrna in the early seventies. During the Cooper Lake years, a revival of historic proportions broke out. Many souls were born into the kingdom of God, and new ministries were added to the church such as Cobb Christian Academy. Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, Youth Ministry and various adult support groups. Evangelism was placed as the highest priority with home Bible studies reaching many unsaved people. 

As God continued to bless, the congregation began to suffer growing pains again, and the search was on for a new building location. God blessed our congregation with the twenty-seven wooded acres we currently occupy, allowing it to be purchased at a substantial savings. A united congregation began to work as never before to erect the Sanctuary and adjacent facilities. As a team, the men worked long hours on top of their existing jobs to help build the new church. Ladies gave their time and energy as well, providing nourishing meals, moral support, and prayer. After much hard work, the newly named Atlanta West Pentecostal Church met on Easter Sunday in 1986, and rejoiced together in the new 715 seat sanctuary. After completion, the campus also included the educational wing, and in June 2002 the Family Life Center was completed. 

In 1995, Reverend Darrell Johns arrived and carried Atlanta West to a new level. With a strong leadership background in various national as well as local church positions, Bro. Johns began to challenge our saints to evangelize the lost and disciple the converted. Through the leadership of Bro. and Sis. Johns, the Lord is steadily adding to the congregation. We anticipate additional facilities to accommodate our growth as God is faithful to the promise of revival.